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  • Understanding the Fiduciary Standard 

    Posted onMarch 29, 2017

    Which designations identify a financial professional as a fiduciary?  The fiduciary standard of care requires that an advisor act solely in the client’s best interest when offering personalized financial advice. As an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), TrueWealth has a fiduciary responsibility to act in our clients’ best interests at all times. We do not accept any fees or

  • Show Me the Money

    Posted onFebruary 9, 2017

    2017 Travel Tips – Part 2 By Roger Ward, CPA/PFS, CFP® In my last blog post, Travel Tips for the 2017 Travel Season, I covered the importance of an up-to-date passport. This week, I’ll share the best ways to pay for goods and services while traveling abroad and the best way to obtain the local currency. When my wife and

  • Travel Tips for the 2017 Travel Season

    Posted onFebruary 2, 2017

    By Roger Ward, CPA/PFS, CFP® It may be blustery and cold now, but travel season will be here before you know it. To help you prepare for your summer adventures, I want to share a few tips to help you navigate around some avoidable travel obstacles — starting with a few passport reminders. Passports – Don’t Wait to Apply or

  • An Election Night Observation

    Posted onNovember 9, 2016

    By Roger Ward, CPA/PFS, CFP® As an historic political night played itself out, the markets expressed their opinions and initially moved sharply down. As we often say, it is a market truism that markets do not like uncertainty. Uncertainty makes it difficult for market participants to price market securities appropriately. So, as it became obvious during the night that candidate Trump

  • Get Ready – It’s Open Enrollment Season

    Posted onSeptember 21, 2016

    By Amy Hollibaugh, CFP® For many employees, your open enrollment has begun (or is about to start) and you must decide on which employer-provided benefits to enroll in for next year. Perhaps, your employer offers a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA), but you aren’t sure which one is the best option. Let’s look at the

  • The Real Estate Sector Comes of Age in the Stock Indexes

    Posted onSeptember 14, 2016

    By Roger Ward, CFP®, CPA/PFS Background In 1999, the providers of index construction – Standard & Poor’s and MSCI – created ten categories of investment sectors: Energy Materials Industrial Consumer Discretionary Consumer Staples Health Care Financials Information Technology Telecommunications Services Utilities These categories classify the stocks in various indexes and compare the performance related to these different sectors. What Has

  • What Do Ear Muffs, Knee Pads, and Shin Guards Have In Common?

    Posted onJuly 28, 2016

    They are all tax-exempt during this week’s sales tax holiday: July 30-31, 2016. What else you ask? Quite a bit. Clothing With school starting back soon, you can buy your children their back-to-school clothes and shoes without sales tax (but only on items under $100). Plus, you can stock up on their after-school extracurricular items, such as athletic pads and

  • You’ve Graduated. Now What?

    Posted onJune 29, 2016

    By Laura Nasca, CFP® Last week marked the first day of summer. The sounds of Pomp and Circumstance are beginning to fade and a new class of graduates has marched. It’s the time of year when distinguished graduation speakers, parents, well-meaning family members and friends arm themselves with sound advice to share (perhaps, unsolicited) with eager young adults entering a new stage

  • Trash or Stash – How Long Do I Keep Financial Documents?

    Posted onSeptember 2, 2015

    By Amy Merrill, CFP® “How long do I need to keep my financial documents?”  This is a question that we receive from clients all year, not just during spring cleaning. So, I created this simple chart for easy reference. Important Note: If you determine you will ‘trash’ any documents, please remember to shred them. In this day and age of

  • The Net Supply of Outperformance is…

    Posted onApril 29, 2015

    By Jim Heard, CFP® I love a good phrase; something that condenses a complex topic into its essence. I was reading an article  I had saved from 2014. Finally got to it and glad I did. It was written by Jason Zweig of the Wall Street Journal, and he was writing about a legendary investment consultant, Charles Ellis, and his recent paper in