Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TrueWealth?
TrueWealth is a wealth management firm based in Atlanta. The team of advisors is known for its ability to work closely with clients to set goals; to define financial success on their own terms; and to help them achieve what’s most important to them.

How long have you been in business?
The firm has been meeting the wealth management needs of individuals and families since 1999.

Why did you change your name?
The firm recently changed its name to TrueWealth from Windham Brannon Financial Group to more effectively communicate the values it shares with clients, and to demonstrate ongoing commitment to providing independent wealth management services.

What do you do?
TrueWealth works closely with clients to determine their personal financial priorities, make wise decisions about their money, and achieve their individual goals by providing comprehensive and customized financial planning services and ongoing wealth management services.

Who do you serve?
The firm provides services to more than 300 individuals and families.

Do you have minimums for investment management?
TrueWealth clients typically have a minimum of $1 million in investable assets.

What size is the firm?
Assets-under-management are approximately $1 billion.

How do you charge?
We charge on a fee-only basis. We do not earn commissions, and we do not sell add-on services. The only revenues TrueWealth receives are from clients in the form of planning fees and a percentage of assets-under-management.

What do you charge for services?
Planning fees range from $1500 to $5000 based on the complexity of the plan, which is mutually agreed upon before the planning process begins. Wealth management fees are based on a percentage of assets-under-management, as follows: 0.25% per quarter for the first $2 million (1.0% per annum); 0.1875% per quarter for the next $3 million (0.75% per annum); 0.125% per quarter for amounts over $5 million (0.50% per annum).

Why do clients opt for professional wealth management?
Clients decide they need a professional wealth management advisor for one of three reasons: They lack the time to manage their finances. They don’t have the experience and talent to effectively handle this part of their lives. And/or their temperaments aren’t conducive to the disciplined attention required.

Why do individuals and families choose TrueWealth?
They’re looking for a wealth management experience that is both comfortable and productive, both meaningful and accountable—and they find it at TrueWealth.

What makes you different?
Our four guiding principles: TrueValues, TrueTalent, TruePlanning and TruePortfolios. These principles enable us to positively impact the individuals and families we serve.

What are TrueValues?
These are the core values that guide our dealings with clients, partners and each other, every day: Integrity, excellence, caring, optimism, balance and accountability.

Why are values important?
By adhering to a set of values we can truly make a difference in people’s lives. By staying true to our beliefs, we’re able to deliver an exceptional wealth management experience.

What is TrueTalent?
It’s TrueWealth’s way to describe our team of qualified and dedicated advisors with a genuine desire to help clients succeed.

If I become a client, who will I work with?
Your team will consist of a lead advisor, support advisor and client service associate. The firm’s leadership team of principals oversees all client teams.

What is TruePlanning?
This is how we describe our differentiated planning process. We develop a comprehensive plan for you that factors every financial consideration—from retirement planning, to risk management, from cash flow planning to debt management, from taxes to charitable giving, and more. The plan helps assure clients stay informed, implementation stays on track.

Why is planning important?
An all-encompassing financial plan is a vital first-step to successful wealth management. Our proprietary, seven-step planning process helps clients prioritize their most important goals and identify possible challenges. The resulting plan details the course-of-action needed to maximize potential.

Do you coordinate between your clients’ other advisors?
Yes, our advisory team members recognize the need for coordination among allied partners and facilitate proactive communication with the client’s banker, CPA, attorney, realtor, 401(k) administrator, benefits manager and others as needed.

What are TruePortfolios?
These are the tailored portfolios based on sound research, a market-based investment approach and client’s unique circumstances and goals.

What is your investment approach?
At TrueWealth, we rely on the aggregate intelligence of the entire market to inform client portfolios, and help them succeed. We fundamentally believe that no individual or single group of researcher can out-smart the collective wisdom of all market participants, and that the market is truly the most efficient and powerful means of achieving optimum returns. Our belief, focused on market factors that produce returns, avoid risks that don’t add value and reduce trading costs, has proven time and again to be sound.

How is your approach different from active investment management?
In adhering to a market-based investment philosophy we avoid the pitfalls of traditional (active) investment management aimed at “beating the market.” In addition, we reduce many of the negatives of the alternative indexing approach, fraught with inadequate exposure to the market factors that produce returns and incur higher cost.

Who is DFA and why do you use them?
DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors) is the fund manager that provides the portfolio solutions for TrueWealth clients. Two Nobel Laureates are affiliated with DFA, as well as leading academicians in economics, investment, finance and portfolio theory. DFA’s market-based investment philosophy is closely aligned with ours.

Do you use DFA exclusively?
Our customized implementation strategy takes into account clients’ current holdings. We make recommendations that make the best financial sense in light of both short- and long-term objectives.

Who is Charles Schwab and why do you use them?
Charles Schwab is the brokerage firm of record for TrueWealth, facilitating the buying and selling of financial securities.

What if I have assets elsewhere?
Charles Schwab is the brokerage firm of record for TrueWealth, facilitating the buying and selling of financial securities. Charles Schwab also serves as the independent custodian for client assets. TrueWealth works with Charles Schwab in an independent relationship because of its 25+ year history in providing unparalleled service and support to independent advisors such as TrueWealth.

Can you help me buy investment assets that are not liquid securities, i.e. gold, private equity, or direct real estate?
All investments recommended and managed by TW are liquid securities and are readily tradable in public markets. We do not recommend or manage illiquid investments such as gold, private equity or direct real estate. As your wealth manager, we can assist in locating professionals who may be able to recommend and custody such investments.

Explain what you mean by “open architecture”?
The three components of our offerings are separate. Wealth Management Advisory (TrueWealth); Fund Management (DFA); and Brokerage (Charles Schwab) are distinct entities, helping to assure full transparency and greater flexibility for clients while eliminating any potential conflict.

How do you assure the safety of my account?
TrueWealth is serious about maintaining your account’s safety and your privacy. We’ve implemented the technology and best practices, including a secure client portal; password-protected documents; encrypted computers; and oversight of Charles Schwab’s security systems, to help assure your ongoing protection.